2015 in Reflection

Well there you have it, 2015 just hours away to becoming last year. It’s like magic! Literally, like one minute its this year, and then *POOF*… its last year.  You just have to love a New Year, so full of promise and newness!! Yep, this is the year where I finally_________ (*thinking of endless possibilities*).  But, before I jump into the new year just yet, I… Continue reading 2015 in Reflection

Book it!

It’s a rainy day and feeling lazy, yet guilt is gnawing at me to accomplish something….  Ever have one of those days? One side of you wants a guilt-free do-nothing-day, and the other side warns how you will be annoyed with yourself if you don’t at least accomplish one thing.  Then it hit me, I will Book… Continue reading Book it!