Hi Pumpkin!

Hi Pumpkin! Ah, nicknames… Some we love, some we hate.  Some stick while others fade away.  Some are variations of our names, some are derived by an action attached to us. Some are universal, while others are specific to the person. Some are terms of endearment, while others are used to cause hurt.   So Sport, how many… Continue reading Hi Pumpkin!


Does a Cat fish with fish sticks? Think about that for a minute… Okay, I will admit it was a silly play on words.  Although let me ask you this… How many times have you said something only to realize it has a double meaning and could be taken the wrong way.  Once the Cat is out… Continue reading Catfish!


Some days are just flaky!  In both senses of the word.  The day starts out good but then crumbles around you, things don’t go as planned.  You feel at a loss and thoughts are hard to form. On days like this it’s best to let it go. Have a bowl of your favorite cereal and trust that… Continue reading Flakey!


You are the sunshine of my life, that’s why I will always be around… lala la la la la laaa la (Stevie Wonder song) You know when you get that song stuck in your head and you just keep singing that same line over and over again?  The song pops in from nowhere and then… Continue reading Sunshine!

Time Travel

Ah, time travel…  My dear friend posed this question, “Why does it always seem that it takes less time to get home from somewhere than it takes to get there in the first place?” Here is my hypothesis.  The time to get there seems longer because of either one of two things. The first being we… Continue reading Time Travel

Snow I Presume

“Oh I see you are heading to the grocery store so you will be prepared for the storm”.  “Oh… no this is just my normal weekly list.”  Ever do that, presume you know the story only to realize how far off the mark you were?  Let’s admit while we are at it, we never seem to… Continue reading Snow I Presume