Baaa-ye March!

Well March, you came in like a lion and now you are going out like a lamb. Baaa-ye!   Hey, do I get to keep this costume?  For Halloween I might go as the Michelin Man…

How Many Peas in a Pod?!?

How many peas are really in a pod? I think there is way more then two. Okay, maybe not way more, but you know what I mean.  So why is it that the phrase is ‘Two Peas in a Pod’?  Anyway, regardless of the reason – it’s nice and cozy in here!

I Crack Myself Up!

Popping up to say Hi!  I just crack myself up sometimes with my colorful antics.  Hahaha, get it? Crack myself up… colorful antics.  Okay, so it wasn’t that funny.  But I do look rather cute don’t you think?!?