Road Less Traveled!

Well, I think we can safely say this is a road less traveled! Is this road even on the map? What did you say LB? The GPS has lost signal… Um, I guess we aren’t out of the woods yet. We do have a full tank of gas, right? *Gulp* Are there bears around here?

Penny Pancake!

Whoa LB, look at this penny! Flatter than a pancake. You wouldn’t even know it was a penny.  Now we have a souvenir to take home to show everyone.  Wait till we tell them we even saw the train, from a very safe distance away, that created this little penny pancake!


Ah, there is nothing more calming than looking out over the waters with the breeze blowing past your ears.  Although we are dockside, I feel like a Captain on the deck of his ship.  LB, you can be the First Mate.  What?  Oh sorry, you don’t have ears for the breeze to blow past… Um,… Continue reading Dockside