Naming the Little Fellow

Well, the little fellow needs a name.  Any ideas? What is that LB – you are thinking Basil? That is a perfect name for him!  After all that is where we found him, in the basil patch. Well Basil, what do you think of your name?  Arf, Arf!

Pip and the Pepperstalk

We headed over to the next door neighbor’s garden – which, by the way is really just to the other end of the front porch.  Hey look, they are growing pepper plants.  Let’s climb up for a closer inspection.  I must say, I’m feeling a bit like Jack and the Beanstalk.  Let’s hope no giants show up!

Found Cute Puppy

Well little fellow, we posted a few posters around just in case someone is looking for you.  In the meantime you can stay with us.  If no one claims you, rest assured you will become part of the family! Who would have thought we would find such a cute puppy in our garden?