Hmm, interesting… they call it Eggplant, yet it looks nothing like an egg.  These looks more like purple bananas.  You don’t suppose they taste like bananas do you LB?  Well, none the less, they are just our size!

Muffin Makers

Today, we are Muffin Makers!  We decided to try out a Vegan Strawberry Banana Muffin recipe by fellow Instagram-er  eat.your.fruits.  We made a tweak to ours by adding blueberries because we are so fruity. (*chuckle*)  Elvis was a little bummed he had to mush up the banana – he just wanted to eat it.  The end result… YUMMY!

Bumps On A Log!

Well, here we sit like Bumps on a Log!  We decided to head outside for something to do. Yet here we sit because it is so hot out! Maybe by sitting in the shade for a bit we will get our energy back and go exploring.