Come for a Visit!

Hello?  Hello!!  It is so great to hear from you! How have you been?  Come to Arizona for a visit?  You know, I think I will!  Wow, I’ve never been to Arizona before, wait until I tell the gang I coming for a visit.  I am so thrilled to come see you.

Feeling Nutty

Nigel is feeling nutty because Fall is in the air! He thought he would share some of the souvenir acorns (a.k.a. Oak Nuts) he found while volunteering at Albany Pine Bush.  It was such a great experience!

Camper Makeover Reveal!

Ta-da, the great Camper Makeover Reveal.  I think we did a great job!  Don’t you agree?  With our teamwork we were able to transform this old camper into a nice new weekend get-away on wheels.  Well done everyone!  Lets check out some places we can go to try out our new camper.

Camper Makeover

We decided to buy the camper.  Now we are in the process of a Camper Makeover.  It is our version of Fixer-Upper.  Where are Chip and Joanna when you need them!  Our talents may not be on their level, but we sure are having fun transforming this Camper using our own unique flare!

I’m Bored

I’m bored.  Well actually, I just don’t feel like doing anything that I am supposed to be doing.  Which leaves me with the question of what to do with myself.  I know, I will start writing my Christmas list!  After all, I have to make my list at some point right?  It might as well be… Continue reading I’m Bored