Hello Kitty!

Yikes! Hello Kitty…  Looks like you are eating a cookie with a crow on it.  So one could say you are eating crow.  Hahaha, well okay so maybe it wasn’t that funny.  At least it is better you are eating the cookie than us!

Apple Crisp in the Making!

We took a vote on what to do with our mountain of green apples.  Apple Crisp won out.  Therefore we dug through our recipe box to find our trusty Apple Crisp recipe. As you can see, it is a group effort to create a Crisp. Steady with the bowl Elvis!

Perfect Pomegranate Parfait

A Perfect Pomegranate Parfait. Try saying that ten times!  The steps too achieve this lovely dish are simple. First spoon in your yogurt, we used soy yogurt.  Next, layer in the pomegranate.  Top that with another layer of  yogurt. Finish with one more layer of pomegranate then top with granola.  Not only does it look wonderful, it tastes wonderful too!