Downward Frog

Pip told me that he and his friends held a yoga class the other day and mentioned how great they all felt afterward.  So I thought, “Why not give it a try?” This pose is called the Downward Frog.  But, I’m not sure I am doing it right…

Riding Along in My Automobile

Riding along in my Pennymobile, singing my tunes behind the wheel.  Bopping my head, dancing along to my made up silly song.  *giggle*  There is nothing better than cruising in my truck and feeling the sun on my face.  Don’t you just love days like these?  Feeling fine and loving life!

Shoeless Joe Jackson!!

As we wandered down the street, to whom do our wondering eyes meet… Shoeless Joe!  He was one of the all time greatest hitters in baseball.  Actually, he was an all around great player.  If I could meet someone from the past, he would be one I would love to talk with.