My Fair Camellia

I headed outside as I was in need of a change of scenery.  All the house renovations was starting to drive me stir crazy.  In my walk I came across this beautiful flowering bush.  My fair Camellia, how stunning you are in the middle of winter!

Late Night Papering

What better way to spend an evening then wallpapering?  I really know how to have fun, don’t I?  Actually the new flooring is being installed tomorrow so I figured I’d better get this finished tonight.  Thank goodness this is the last piece, I’m tired!

Bathroom Makeover!

Out with the blue and in with the new!  What a difference some flooring, a new toilet seat and refinishing the bathroom cabinets and mirrors can make.  Sometimes just a little change can go a long way to shaping up a place!

Ice Break-er

I needed a break from all the home improvement projects.  Hence Elvis’ suggestion of a little Ice Break-er.  Such a funny monkey.  Blue said the Bird Bath had frozen over, so we all headed over there for some fun.  I had no idea Elvis was such an accomplished ice skater.  He can spin on one foot!  But… Continue reading Ice Break-er

Wallpapering 101

Started our first real home improvement project.  We decided to started with the kitchen. Basically because we have no kitchen.  We had the flooring installed.  Then took a trip to the appliance store. From there, we headed over to the wallpaper store.  When we got home Basil and LB decided they had better things to do.  Funny… Continue reading Wallpapering 101

Decisions Decisions

We have been pouring over oodles of wall paper samples, flooring sample and paint samples.  As far as we are concerned, there are way too many choices. Ugh!  But we are finally narrowing them down.  We agreed on this green wallpaper for the kitchen.