Kicking Back

Oh yeah, kicking back.  This is the life!  All I need is some grapefruit juice and a plate of cheese and crackers.  On second thought I don’t think cheese and grapefruit go together.  Skip that idea.  Maybe I’ll just jump in the pool and cool off.

Greetings from Florida!

Hey look, an interactive postcard.  Can you even see me?  I think this was made for humans.  But that is okay, we can still have fun and pose.  Excuse me human, will you please take our photo?  Say “Cheese”.   Greetings from Florida!  

Free Juice?!

Oh wow, Florida really knows how to welcome their visitors.  They offer free orange or grapefruit juice.  We went for the grapefruit.  Since we aren’t really in a rush, we’ve decided to sit here in this nice beach chair and ponder why it is called grapefruit.  Because after all, it is not really a grape.

Purty Smart!

After the humans fueled up their car, they went to Cracker Barrel to fuel up on breakfast. Naturally we headed inside with them to nibble on their crumbs.  While we waited for breakfast to arrive we played the peg game.  Apparently we are ‘Purty Smart’ since we only had 2 pegs left.  Maybe after a… Continue reading Purty Smart!


Shh… Basil, LB and I are stowaways.  We saw the humans packing their bags for a trip so we decided we could use an impromptu vacation.  Although we aren’t entirely sure, we think we are heading to Florida!