Cabin Fever!

We had the opportunity for an adventure in the foothills of North Carolina.  Needless to say we took it!  So here we are in this beautiful cabin.  I just love the mountains!!  Can’t wait to go exploring…

Best Ways to Learn

Check out this awesome sign! It fits us perfectly – Adventures are the best ways to learn!  Look, it even has LB and me on it!  Basil, you are the shooting star because you appeared into our lives like magic.  Thank you to our favorite artist Emily for making this for us.  We love it!!

Cruising Away the Hours

What a great way to check out houses, just cruising along the water way.  Some of these houses are amazing.  Although, I think they are a bit too large for us.  It would take a week for us just to find the kitchen!  But they are fun to look at.

The Ocean!

Wow! Look at those waves, they are so mesmerizing.  No wonder humans like to come to the beach, it is so awe inspiring. The water has so many shades of green and blue.  The wind in our whiskers and the sound of the waves is so relaxing.  Collecting cool shells and feeling the sand squishing… Continue reading The Ocean!