New Family Member

Our true blue friends stopped by when we got home with the lost little puppy.  To our great delight they have decided to adopt the little guy!  So many emotions are running through all of us.  Excitement, happiness, nervousness and uncertainty.  When bringing home a new member to a family it means adjustments.  Boundaries are tested and… Continue reading New Family Member

Lost Soul

We went out for a walk today and found this lost little soul!  He was wandering around all by himself.  We looked around and could not find anyone who he might belong too.  Therefore we decided to bring the little fellow home.  Although he was frightened , he calmed down after we showed him our kindness.… Continue reading Lost Soul

Super Lucky!

No one ever told me where there is one smurf, there may be many!  Does this mean we are super lucky?  They sure are cute.  Friendly too.  Yes, I would say we are super lucky because you can never have too many friends!

Lucky Day!

My grandfather had a knack for finding four leaf clovers.  But I seriously doubt he ever found one like I did today!  It must be my lucky day, because not only did I find a four leaf clover, I found a little Smurf.  Hi little fellow…