Sharing the Health

Sharing a healthy treat with your friends is the “berry” best way to spend an afternoon!  Not only are the berries healthy, so is the dollop of Cocowhip, made from coconut milk.  A healthy  non-dairy alternative whipped topping.

Penny Lane

It is such a beautiful day,  so Penny and her pup, Duncan decided to take a stroll through the woods.  They found this lovely lane to explore.  Although they didn’t know if it had a name, they decided to call it Penny Lane.  As you can imagine it sparked their musical memory and they started… Continue reading Penny Lane

Spinning Tunes

Check out this old time Disc Jockey!  Boy have times changed from this form of spinning tunes.  Back when spinning tunes meant spinning vinyl disc known as records.  The music radio industry is a bit different now than when it first started out.


Have you ever wondered how much of our lives we spend waiting?  As we sit here waiting for the train we have time to muse about it.  We begin to think of all the places or times we have to wait.  For instance, in lines, at the doctor’s, in traffic, for transportation,  in meetings, on… Continue reading Waiting