Rhinoceros Beetle Bug – Oh My!

Out walking today and bumped into this guy.  Nothing like finding a Rhinoceros Beetle Bug  almost as big as your dog!  Talk about being three creatures in one.  A Rhinoceros, a Beetle and a Bug.  Well technically a beetle and bug are in the same category.  But still, a rather interesting looking creature wouldn’t you say?   

Hello Kitty!

Penny was out looking at new homes for sale and happened upon this really cute Bungalow.  She was so excited until she met the neighbor.   As you can imagine, she barely squeaked out a ‘Hello Kitty’ before high tailing it out of there.  Yikes!

Penny’s Journey

Sometimes a ride through the forest is great way to clear your mind.  Except when the horse thinks you are a little too big for the journey. Perhaps it is time for a bigger horse or a better mode of transportation.