Falling in Love with Falls

There is just something so amazing about waterfalls.  We hiked in to check out Taughannock Falls which is in the Finger Lakes region of New York .  It is an easy enjoyable hike and so well worth the trip.  Seeing what Mother Nature can do over thousands of years is mind boggling.

Apple Picking Teamwork

All that climbing practice is paying off!  If you are looking for a great team building exercise, try apple picking.  Not only do you have fun working together to collect apples, you get to actually eat the apples!  What can be more fun than that?  Perhaps playing a Barrel of Monkeys?

Climbing Practice

We thought we would check out the nearby Climbing Wall.  Penny of course has to be the dare devil.  Since I’m busy watching her,  Nigel is keeping an eye on Mabel.  As family, we prefer teamwork over competition.   It makes for better memories.

Party Float

Whoever designed this float knew what they were doing!  I know that technically it was designed for humans, but it makes for a very safe float for us mice.  We can have our own seats without the fear of falling in!  Especially with some kids doing cannonballs into the pool.  With the wave they are… Continue reading Party Float