On A Quest

Nigel headed out for a space adventure at Twin Tiers Comic-con.  What an exciting day it turned out to be.  While hanging out with More Than A Quest (MTAQ), he got to meet R2-D2!  They discussed playing the fun Starship Bridge Simulator Empty Epsilon where you get to fly a spaceship with a crew of friends for… Continue reading On A Quest

Moving On Up!

Nigel is moving on up to the big time!  Here he is checking out his new view from his new apartment in his new town.  This should be an exciting new year, full of new little adventures.  Follow along to see what he discovers!

Many Moons

Look – a moon for each of us!   Spending our last evening reflecting on our amazing time together.  It has been such a blessing being able to gather together.  We have enjoyed sharing old memories and making new ones. We will be able to talk about this vacation for many moons! hahaha