There is a Hedgehog in our Hedge!  Although, it doesn’t really look like a hog, it does make little noises like one. Not to mention it is in the hedge.  It is a cute little thing.  Apparently some people keep them as pets.  I think we will just let this little critter live in his… Continue reading Hedgehog!

The LB Clubhouse

The mystery revealed.  Surprise LB! What do you think of your little clubhouse?  When I saw it the other day, I couldn’t help but think of you. Come to think of it, it sort of matches you, don’t you think so Basil?


Don’t you hate it when you go to the fridge and there is nothing good to eat? As a family member once said, “That’s when you close the door and lower your expectations. Then re-open the door and hope to find something.”

New Day Dawning

Ah, a new day dawning.  It is great to be home again.  Watching the sunrise from our own front steps. There is just something wonderful about a new day full of possibilities. Let’s see what adventures we can have around home.

On the Fence

Sometimes in life we are out riding fences. We balance there on the fence of “should I stay” or “should I go” calculating the pro and cons of each side. Whatever the cause, a job, a relationship, a town, or a situation.  We contemplate the outcome of either side of that fence.  Trying to figure… Continue reading On the Fence