Balancing Act

Why is it that some days we’re on the ball and other days we aren’t.  Let’s face it, there are even days that we can’t even find the ball!  Life is full of family, friends, work, school, exercise, eating healthy, church community, and personal time.  Often personal time comes only after we’ve tumbled off the ball.… Continue reading Balancing Act

2015 in Reflection

Well there you have it, 2015 just hours away to becoming last year. It’s like magic! Literally, like one minute its this year, and then *POOF*… its last year.  You just have to love a New Year, so full of promise and newness!! Yep, this is the year where I finally_________ (*thinking of endless possibilities*).  But, before I jump into the new year just yet, I… Continue reading 2015 in Reflection

Book it!

It’s a rainy day and feeling lazy, yet guilt is gnawing at me to accomplish something….  Ever have one of those days? One side of you wants a guilt-free do-nothing-day, and the other side warns how you will be annoyed with yourself if you don’t at least accomplish one thing.  Then it hit me, I will Book… Continue reading Book it!